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• 9/25/2017

Who is the best Girl?

The obvious answer if Jenifer Hale. She's blond, blue-eyed, and wants your children (if you chose athlete route and have some charisma) She's nurturing, inquisitive, and likely submissive and supportive to the right man. You also have her father's blessing to impregnate her. What else is needed? It's time to breed the perfect tribe into existence.
The devious answer is Jamie Campbell. She's cute, brown haired, and supportive, but also she'd submit to any strong man. Downside is you have to break up a loving relationship to seducer her and if you do so, you end up causing her death. So she's unattainable in reality.
The idiot answer is Kira Mann. She's Asian with dyed-hair and an anti-social personality. She's not supportive or nice, and she's not submissive at all. Choose her at your own peril.
What do you guys think? Do you have differing opinions? Am I wrong? If so, why?
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• 10/23/2017

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• 7/2/2015

just got the mod. HEALTH? STORE? WHERE ARE THEY?

love it. it bomed out a few times but its great. but once i got out of the vault. aside from being hard as balls [damn] i love it.  BUT i either have to go kill a few jerks and run ALL the way back to water to drink or get frustrated and push foward just to die because there is just not enough health resources avial.  anyone know of a map?  or just where a store with some meds is ?     really suprised no one is on here btw.  guess everyones jabbering on steam. well im tryin.
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