A Night In Pinehaven
Pinehaven Lodge
location Vault 18
given by Kevin Rossman, Ben Kurtz, or Enclave Secure Comlink
leads to Lost Roads or Hell's Gate
previous Blast Radius
related There's A Fixer For That

A Night In Pinehaven is a main Quest in Fallout: New California.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

This quest has many options and will differ depending on what you did while still in Vault 18. If you have no companions with you, or only Ben Kurtz, this quest is significantly simpler and you can ignore most of the walkthrough.

You acquire the quest when talking to Dr. Rossman while exiting the Vault during Live Free or Die. After escaping to a safe distance from the Vault you will gain the perk Battle Fatigue, which has negative affects that are removed when the player sleeps in a protective bed.

Once the player reaches Pinehaven, they will encounter Kira Mann. Kira reacts depending on how you treated her in Vault 18. If you were a Nerd and were nice to her, or you helped her out as an Athlete by doing the quest I’d Wrestle a Bear for You, you can get her to come with you. Otherwise she will leave you or become hostile, depending on how you react.

If the player has Jenifer Hale in their party, she and Kira will have an argument as they hated each other in the Vault. Once that is over, the player must run up the hill towards the Lodge. If you have Johnny Matheson in your party, he will say that he is feeling ill and proceed to vomit and pass out when you reach the house - at this point you will gain the quest There’s a Fixer For That with objectives to find fixer and help Johnny.

When you enter the house, after about a minute you will have dialogue with Ben regarding group moral, the group will start to argue and you will have to shoot a gun in the air to get everyone's attention. You will have to talk to the group, if you have a speech skill of 50, you can convince everyone to stay together. Otherwise you can convince them if you have earned the perks Sweet Talker, Smart Jock or Nerd-Orable and you completed the quest Put A Ring On It with the positive outcome and have 35 speech.

Once you have ended the conflict either by everyone staying or some people leaving, you can go to bed in the house, however you should complete "There’s a Fixer For That" first if it's activated. Once you go to bed the Battle Fatigue perk is removed and a nightmare dream sequence is triggered.

When the sequence finishes, Ben wakes you up to warn you of an attack by a group of Survivalist Raiders, lead by Captain Jackson. You have the option of surrendering to him or killing him, either way ends the quest and starts Lost Roads. If Captain Jackson is successful in capturing you, the quest Hell's Gate begins.