race Robot
sex None (Female Personality)
role Adventure Buddy
location Vault 18
quests Wait, We Have Robots?
Domo Arigato
karma {{{alignment}}}
special 6 ST, 8 PE, 10 EN, 4 CH, 2 IN, 8 IN, 5 LK
derived stats Hit Points: 500→2200→3700 DT=20
tag skills {{{tag skills}}}
perks Search and Mark
level 5→22→37 (PC level x 0.75)
voice actor Kaz Foxsen
baseid xx0dcca9
refid xx0dcc96
B-6-RK is a custom-built Roboto Dog created by the Wasteland Scout, Dr. Kyoto. She is one of two potential Robot companions in Fallout: New California. 

Background Edit

B6RK was created by Dr. Kyoto, a young member of the Wasteland Scouts, and accompanied Kyoto as her "Adventure Buddy" on many of the Scouts' missions. During their conflict with the NCR Prospector company Nova Star, who attempted to track them back to Vault 18 to capture, B6RK saved DR. Kyoto from death but was critically damaged. Kyoto, knowing she was infected with the Mind Virus, isolated herself in Vault 18's robotics lab to Quarantine the virus and repair her fallen friend. Kyoto left a final message on the Terminal next to an inactive B6RK, asking any future companions to take care of the robotic hound.

Interactions with the Player Character Edit

Prologue Edit

Path of the Scientist Edit

B6RK can only be acquired by a player on the Path of the Scientist, by starting the Quest Wait, We Have Robots? by asking Dr. Rossman if he has any other tasks for them. Rossman will give the player a key to the Upper Level and direct them to the Robotics Lab.

Wait, we Have Robots? Edit

B6RK can be found in an inactive state in the lefthand alcove of the Robotics Lab, next to two inactive Eyebots and a Terminal. She requires 30 Repair or a Droid Radio Unit in the Player's Inventory to restore to working order. The Droid Radio unit can be found in the righthand storage room of the Upper Level, jury-rigged into a radio signal booster by Joe Marshall, and taken with no consequence. When she is repaired, the Easy-level terminal next to B6RK must be hacked, and the three command lines run. Bark will activate but cannot currently be recruited.

Domo Arigato Edit

While the player is exiting Vault 18, they will travel through the Robotics Lab - if B6RK was restored, she will be waiting for the player and can be asked to follow as a companion.

Notes Edit

  • B6RK's voice is that of Dr. Kyoto.
  • B6RK initially is limited to melee attacks, as her Eye Lasers are inactive.