• LeoTheLeopardNZ


    June 23, 2019 by LeoTheLeopardNZ

    Hi there! My name is Leo and I help to run this Wiki. If you have any problems with it, feel free to make a new note on a Talk page, message us on the Discord server, or even send me a DM. I take pride in my needlework, so please tell me if I leave anything out of place and feel free to edit yourself! We are a community here, and remember that War, war never changes.

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  • DarkInterloper

    Hello all,

    With New California officially out in public beta, hopefully some new life gets injected in this poor wiki, the original page edits were...leaving something to be desired (i.e. JENN BEZT WAIFU) and although I've tried to keep it alive and add some degree of stucture to pages, the wiki really needs a group of dedicated people, especially with New California being so damn huge. I've tried to set up the basic formatting structure for stuff, but pages need lore detail, stats, pictures, ect. and I have pre-existing obligations and obsessions with another mod project XD

    Please no *major* spoilers (late-game plot points, what Project Brazil is, ect) at very least for the first week or two, but if it is easily accessible or non-spoilery lo…

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  • DarkInterloper

    "You passed your first the interview, I'm so proud of you, Sweetheart!"

    Welcome to the New California wiki, which, with the impending release of the mod, has seen some life injected back into it! While not an admin here, I have experience with other fan-work wikis (check out the Hyrule Conquest wiki, we have no lives :p) and hope to make this place a little more...err...professional? So, what would I hope other editors do? Please don't add how Jen Hale is your waifu, rather, add relevant information about lore, in-game statistics, all that nonsense.

    To prevent being flooded in articles, and out of solidarity with the Fallout community, please don't add articles for stuff that can be found in vanilla New Vegas or Fallout 3, rather, just link …

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  • Benedikt Aron

    Blog Test

    March 28, 2015 by Benedikt Aron

    This is only a visual test

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