This page lists all named characters in Fallout: New California.

Player Character Edit

Name Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Repair Companion Base ID Ref ID Location
Star Player Cajon Pass

Characters Edit

Name Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Repair Companion Base ID Ref ID Location
Nic Adonis Dreamscape
A'goo Xiabula
Atl Irepani I-138 - I-15 Beltway
Hassan Al'Hashr Temporary Athens-Tec Uranium Pit
ALPHA Yes Vault 18
Casio Aralias Yes Athens-Tec Uranium Pit
Roman Alexander NCR Territorial Headquarters
John Anderson Temporary Vault 18
B-6-RK Yes Vault 18
Ranger Barney Big Bear Lake
Bob Vault 18
Ancient Eddie Bolero Dreamscape
Stunning Steven Bowie NCR Territorial Headquarters
John Bragg Vault 18
Chevy Bragg Vault 18
Buddy Vault 18
California Tribe's Guardian Xiabula
Eric Campbell Yes Vault 18
Jamie Campbell Yes Yes Vault 18
Richard Camper Forest Fork
Sarah Carter Vault 18
Hrafnkel Corvis Temporary Athens-Tec Uranium Pit
Albert Christianson Vault 18
DANdelion -
Gaius Diocletian Athens-Tec Uranium Pit
Beuford Duffney Athens-Tec Uranium Pit
Paul DuVille NCR Territorial Headquarters
Eliza Elsdragon Black Horse Ranch
Brian Evans Vault 18
Paul Evanson Yes Vault 18
William M. Face Dreamscape
Tom Farley Yes Psychonaut Hideout
Festus Athens-Tec Mine
Aaron Ginn Vault 18
Bert Grumman Union City Gates
Ray Guerrero Temporary Ram Shackle Bar
Jenifer Hail Yes Vault 18
Jimmi Hail Vault 18
Kathrin Hail Vault 18
Kimi Hail Vault 18
Yetti Hail Vault 18
Loren Harvest Dreamscape
Sam Hickens Vault 18
Airin Jackson Vault 18
Eli Jackson Pinehaven Summit House
Less Jameson Yes Temporary I-138 - I-15 Beltway
Ranger Jeff Big Bear Lake
Andy Jones Yes Vault 18
Kalin Vault 18
Kez Temporary Ram Shackle Saloon
Kobal Vault 18
Mandrake Temporary Athens-Tec Mine Level 27
Kira Mann Yes Vault 18
Marius Temporary Radian-Helix Media Studio
Officer Mark Vault 18
Mark Temporary Ram Shackle Bar
Juan Maxson-Elsdragon Athens-Tec Mine
Joe Marshall Vault 18
Johnny Matheson Yes Vault 18
Terra Mayson Vault 18
Mevil Athens-Tec Mine Central Cavern
Rave Michaels NCR Territorial Headquarters
Mogoui Temporary Ram Shackle Bar
Roger Moore -
Morales Temporary Union City Gates
Kieva Nanjima Yes Euripides Power Relay Station
Rei Nanjima -
Dale Norman Vault 18
Johnathan Nos Vault 18
Ranger Ollie Big Bear Lake
Raz O'oga Xiabula
O'ogason Xiabula
Annai Oran Yes Temporary Ram Shackle Bar
Jerri Oran Yes Temporary Ram Shackle Saloon
The Father Temporary Fort Daggerpoint Air Force Base
Quisha Temporary Ram Shackle Bar
Canton Ripfist NCR Territorial Headquarters
Roberts Dreamscape
Roger Rohr Dreamscape
Rosa Yes Xiabula
Katheryn Rossman Yes Pinehaven Summit House
Kevin Rossman Vault 18
Earnest Schwartz Temporary Vault 18
Sylvia Semi Athens-Tec Uranium Pit
William Silverman NCR Territorial Headquarters
Shen Shi Bank
Seithr Temporary Athens-Tec Uranium Pit
Mac Slavers Vault 18
Mandy Star Vault 18
Shawn Star Vault 18
Jason Star-Christianson Vault 18
Molly Stormcrow Yes Yes Molly's
Thorr Tanngrisnir No No No No No No No Raider Trailer Park
Terrance Dreamscape
Terror Max -
Thomas Yes Fort Daggerpoint Air Force Base
Valasa Xiabula
Kerry Vargas Yes Temporary I-138 - I-15 Beltway
Larisa Vasquez Yes Union City Hotel
Ste Vee Vault 18
Vayger Fissure of Sorrow
Venom Mission Mall
ViVi Daggerpoint Main Gate
Walter Union City Gates
Wilson Wilco Athens-Tec Uranium Pit
Yamma Yong Tze Yes Shi Bank
Zato Shi Bank
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