Earnest Schwartz is a young maintenance technician in Vault 18. He serves as a potential temporary companion during the quests Save The Vault and Hell to Pay

Earnest Schwartz
Earnest Schwartz
race Human, Caucasian
sex Male
role Vault 18 Maintenance Technician
location Vault 18
quests Off to See the Wizard, Save The Vault
karma Neutral
special 5 ST, 5 PE, 4 EN, 5 CH, 5 IN, 5 IN, 5 LK
derived stats Hit Points: 50→95
tag skills
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level 6→15 (PC level x 1.0)
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Background Edit

Earnest is a technically-minded young resident of Vault 18, whose origins as either one of the children of the Vault Residents or an adopted wasteland tribal are unmentioned. Earnest was assigned to maintenance duty under Joe Marshall throughout the Vault, coming to be loathed by John Bragg for his ineptness and laziness. He is the archetypal "creepy nerd," with reputation as a perverted loner by much of the Vault's younger residents, for such actions as recording Jennifer Hale crying and using Vault computers to view pornography. Despite this, he displays some competence in technical matters, being able to construct a functional Pulse Pistol from schematics recovered in the Wasteland and holding a good deal of knowledge about the Vault's internal workings and computer systems.

Interaction with the Player Character Edit


Off to See the Wizard Edit

Path of the Warrior Edit

If the player has joined Vault Security and returned to Coach Bragg, Overseer Christianson will call for them on the Vault PA system. If the player delays, Earnest will track the player down then lead them to and unlock Christianson's office.

Path of the Scientist Edit

After the player has finished unlocking Maria's Tiers and activates the Enclave Hologram, Earnest will track them down then lead them to and unlock Overseer Christianson's office.

Save the Vault Edit

Earnest will be found cowering behind the Barricade in the Lower Apartments, just outside the player's apartment. He will give the player information on Bragg's Revolt and, with 7 Endurance or 6 Charisma, can be pepped into joining the player as a temporary companion, following the player until killed. Earnest lacks much health, but possesses a powerful Pulse Pistol he custom-built.

Hell to Pay Edit

If Earnest is convinced to follow the Player and is taken along with them, the Patriots will remain non-hostile to him until Overseer Christianson's office is opened, upon which Earnest will turn hostile to the player and Patriots and swiftly be killed.

Inventory Edit

Apparel Edit

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Notes Edit

  • Talking to Earnest while he is following the player will allow them to pass an Endurance 7 and Charisma 6 check that will pep Earnest up, healing if he has been injured. These can only be performed once each.
  • Despite presumably working under Joe Marshall, Earnest does not even know his name, referring to him as "Jim."