Fix The Old Computer
Fix The Old Computer
location Vault 18
given by Kevin Rossman
reward Vault Tech 1
Vault Tech 2
leads to Go To Bed
Little Yellow Bolts of Light
previous Tackle Or Dodge
related Wait, We Have Robots?
I’d Wrestle A Bear For You
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Fix The Old Computer is the main Prologue Quest on the Path of the Scientist in Fallout: New California.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Follow Dr. Rossman to the Computer Lab.
Talk to Maria
Repair all four network tiers.
Enable the top Tier Switches.
Check the status of the Tier 1 Network.
Enable the bottom Tier Switches.
Check the status of the Tier 2 Network.
Repair the cables in the Vault 18 cistern.
Check the status of the Tier 3 Network.
Investigate the secondary Tier 3 Network feed.
Re-route the Tier 4 network cable.
Check the status of the Tier 4 Network.
Investigate the strange Tier 4 signal.
Leads to: Wait, We Have Robots?

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Follow Dr. Rossman from the clinic. On the way he gives commentary on the current situation of the vault and engages in dialogue with Sarah Carter. Finally you arrive at the computer lab where you have to fix Maria, the computer. In order to fix Maria, you have to repair all four network tiers. They can only be repaired in numerical order.

Start a dialogue with Maria and and choose "DISPLAY MAINTENANCE MENU". Choose tier 1 network and you'll receive instructions to flip three switches. From the room with Maria, take a right, go up the stairs. You will find the three switches, one on the stair side and two on the other side. Once you have flipped the switches go back down to Maria choose "DISPLAY SYSTEM STATUS" and choose tier one to repair it (35 science required).

In maintenance, you can now choose tier two, it will tell you to activate another three switches, they are located in the room to the left from the inside of Maria's room. Flip the three switches then return. Now you can repair tier two (45 science required)

The remaining two tiers can be repaired by going out to the Cistern. You can access it through a hatch on the wall next to the stairs that lead to the top tier switches. Once there, hack the two Average level terminals. Choose the options available in both terminals and return to Maria and repair tier three (50 science required). For the fourth tier go back to the cistern, go to the second terminal and reroute the tier 4 connection to the computer lab and then return. Repair the final tier, (55 science required). Investigate the tier 4 signal by going to the Tier 4 Holo Feed Control terminal directly to the right of Maria.

Once you are done with Maria you need to head to your room by following the map marker. Check your terminal and choose Have a discussion with OriansGirl01. Once the dialogue is over, the quest ends.