Hell To Pay
Hell to Pay
location Vault 18 Atrium
given by John Bragg
reward 100 XP
Born Soldier III
leads to Failure Means Death
previous Go To Bed
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Hell To Pay is the first Quest of the Enclave Squad Leonidas Arc in Fallout: New California.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Join the Enclave - Put on their Uniform.
Report to Colonel Bragg.
Open the Overseer’s office door.
Use Jenifer Hale to open the Overseer's door.
Follow Bragg and wait for the Airlock to open.
Defeat Vault 18 Security Forces.
Follow Bragg to Christianson.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Hell To Pay is the alternative to the quest Save The Vault. In this quest, you will join the Enclave Patriots. In order to join the Patriots, you have to be an Athlete and agree to help Coach Bragg and "fight for your country" by joining vault security after the quest Tackle or Dodge. If you have done this, you should have earned the perks Born Soldier and Born Soldier II.

After the quest Go to bed, you will wake up to the vault being attacked by Bragg's patriots, run past the security guards and Earnest Schwartz and meet Terra May. Use the Born Soldier speech option or the Charisma 7 option and she will lead you to Colonel Bragg. Once you speak to him, he will tell you to talk to John Diesel Anderson who will give you a patriot uniform, a 9mm Submachine Gun and 60 9mm rounds.

Once you have put on the uniform, follow Bragg to the overseers office, he will tell you to find a way in to stop Overseer Christianson. You have 4 options. If you have level 7 perception Bragg will tell you that you can use explosives to open the door, after finding it in the enclave footlocker, you can rig the door with a level 40 explosives skill. If you have level 9 strength, you can force open the door. With a level 6 charisma, Bragg will say that you can get Jenifer Hale to pick the lock for you. She is located in the room right next to yours, to the left from the inside. After picking the door, she will become hostile. If you are unable to do any of these options, you can tell Bragg that you don't know what to do, he will give you the key to the room and break your arm for your incompetence.

Once you get in, you will see that Christianson is not there, Bragg is told that the Patriots managed to gain access to the Lab, follow Bragg there and talk to him. You will need to prepare to attack the patriots. When the door is opened there will be several security cars, use armor piercing rounds to make it easier to kill them. You can find rounds by the turned over tables.

Once you have defeated the vault security guards, follow Bragg to the overseer, they will converse for a few seconds and Bragg will shoot Christianson in the head but after he has initiated the Vault self-destruct sequence. Bragg will tell you to exit the vault and take those you can with you.