Journey To The Deep
location NCR Territorial Headquarters
given by William Silverman
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leads to Wasteland Defense
previous A More Perfect Union
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Journey To The Deep is the third Quest in the New California Republic Arc in Fallout: New California.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

1) Speak to Senator Duville

2) Get the Fort Daggerpoint pass card from Annai Oran

3) Have a chat with Annai in the Cantina

4) Talk to Captain Jameson

5) Accompany Captain Jameson's Caravan to Fort Daggerpoint, or meet them there

6) Enter Fort Daggerpoint

7) Explore the Fort

8) Clear the Vehicle Tunnel of hostiles

9) Explore Fort Daggerpoint Fissure of Sorrow

10) Fall back to the Main Corridor

11) Escape Fort Daggerpoint

12) Leave the NCR Behind, Run!

Optional: Convince Jameson to leave with you

Detailed Walkthrough Edit