Save Kira Edit

Kira must have joined your group as a companion. At the end of A Night In Pinehaven , You may fight or be captured by the Survivalist Raiders led by Captain Jackson. If you fight & win you go to the quest Lost Roads. You must be captured to start the quest Hell's Gate.

During Hell's Gate you must kill Shogath. Once you have killed Shogath, you can talk to Elsdragon again. He tells you your companions are now your slaves, but he is keeping Kira as his cut. Kira's Quest will begin.

Do NOT choose the dialogue option of trying to sell her to Elsdragon in return for your freedom (Bad Karma) as this will fail the quest and Kiera will disappear from the game forever (Just as if you fired her). If you do sell Kierra to Elsdragon he will remove your slave collar immediately and you are free.

Go visit her in the far end of the dungeons where she is tied to a cross. Click on Kira and you have two choices: Do Nothing or Talk to Kira. If you do nothing the quest remains active until you decide it is time to free her. If you talk to her you can tell her you will come back later, although she pleads with you not to leave her there. The quest will remain active until you decide to free her. If you defy Elsdragon and free her Kira's Quest will successfully end and Escape Athens-Tec Mine will begin.

Kira's Quest will remain active for as long as you leave her on the cross. 

Raider Quest Line:

Even though Elsdragon promises to give you Kira if you complete Battle In The Deep, he never gives her to you (Battle In The Deep did not end like he thought it would). If you try to rescue her during Battle In The deep or the Counterstrike quest the quests will fail. When you are given Destroy Fort Daggerpoint quest, you will find her dead. It seems you can only rescue her in the NCR quest line even though it is listed as a shared quest. If you do the Revanchist Quest from The Raider quest line you can rescue Kira after killing Elsdragon.

You can also still rescue her with
Kira Crucified
the console (See below). Although that may break the Raider quest line.

NOTE NCR Quest Line: I sneaked into the mine to rescue her after retrieving my other companions from captivity at Black Horse Ranch and she was drugged and unconscious. The Quest was telling me to wait for an oppurtuntity to rescue her. I used the console to set the quest to stage 32 (setstage XXAB6559 32) and was able to rescue Kira.

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