Kira Mann
FNC Kira Mann
race Human
sex Female
role Vault 18 Lab Assistant
location Vault 18
quests I’d Wrestle A Bear For You
karma Neutral
special 4 ST, 6 PE, 4 EN, 5 CH, 7 IN, 5 IN, 4 LK
derived stats Hit Points: 150→240→315
tag skills
Energy Weap.:44→100
perks Nerd-Orable/Smart Jock
level 4→22→37 (PC level x 0.75)
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baseid {{{baseid}}}
refid xx0c607D

Kira Mann is a young reconditioned Tribal resident of Vault 18 working as Kevin Rossman's assistant. She is a possible Player Companion in Fallout: New California.

History Edit

Kira was born under having abusive parents whom she despised. She has a deep hatred for Jennifer Hale, always calling her a "twat". According to Fallout: New California developers, Kira has high functioning aspergers, which is why she has a hard time processing and communicating emotionally.[1]

Gameplay Edit

References Edit

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