Little Yellow Bolts Of Light
Little Yellow Bolts of Light
location Vault 18
given by Kevin Rossman
reward Pulse Gun, Assorted Loot
leads to
previous Live Free or Die
baseid xx0d14e4

Little Yellow Bolts Of Light is a Side Quest on the Path of the Scientist in Fallout: New California.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Get Dr. Rossman's stash before leaving the vault.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The quest is given to you by Dr. Rossman when you encounter him while escaping the vault during the quest Live Free or Die. The quest is only activated if you are a Nerd and have completed the quest Fix The Old Computer earning the perks Vault Tech 1 and Vault Tech 2.

Chose the dialogue options with Nerd Super Star and then Vault Tech 2. Rossman will tell you about his secret wasteland scout stash. It is located in a safe to the left from the vault door in the corner. Once you have opened and looted it, the quest will end.