Mandy Star
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race Human, Caucasian
sex Female
role Vault resident
location Vault 18
quests Go to bed
voice actor Cheauharn Mon

Mandy Star is a supporting character in Fallout: New California.

Background Edit

Mandy Star is the sister of the protagonist in Fallout: New California. She is shy, usually hanging out with her brothers Shawn Star and Jason Star-Christianson while playing tabletop RPGs in their vault room.

Although she is the sister of the protagonist, her's and Shawn's dad are different from the protagonist. The Star family do not know much about their parents or their past, just that they were orphaned, leading to other people in the vault to treat them differently.

Mandy acutely researched into her parents, looking through any information on her and even trying gene prediction.

According to Kevin Rossman - after the player convinces him that he is worth his time on being a Wasteland Scout, and that the player deserves to know his past - Mandy, along with the other orphaned kids and the protagonist, were found alone in a destroyed town in Crestline Valley, where Dale Norman, Dr. Rossman, and Paul Evanson were following a guide, and stopped at the town for rest. The three picked up the abandoned Stars and brought them straight to the vault.