Paul DuVille
race Human, Caucasian
sex Male
role New California Republic Senator, New Reno
location NCR Territorial Headquarters
quests A More Perfect Union, Journey to the Deep, Wasteland Defense, Destroy Fort Daggerpoint
karma Evil
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Senator Paul DuVille is a New California Republic Senator from New Reno, sent to provide congressional over the military campaign led by General William Silverman in the Cajon Pass.

Background Edit

Hailing from Sparks, Nevada, Paul DuVille is a corpulent man in a frayed tuxedo and dress cane. As a Senator from New Reno, it is an open secret DuVille is a high-ranking member of the Bishop Family. Normally accustomed to the glitzy casinos of New Reno or cushy boardrooms of Shady Sands, he openly loathes his posting the the dusty frontier town of Union City, sent to provide Congressional oversight of William Silverman's campaign against the Raider Alliance. The not-particularly hidden truth is that DuVille is as much tasked with ensuring the survival of Bishop Family interests in the Cajon Pass as he is keeping Silverman in line. The Bishops and other Mafia families of New Reno have long-held economic ties with the Survivalists, ensuring NCR laws stay out of the Pass in exchange for being able to use the region as their own personal tax-free haven for the slave trade and illegal mining of gold and uranium to power the NCR economy. DuVille's mission is twofold - ensure Silverman does not involve the NCR in costly war without public oversight, and ensure John Bishop's economic interests are not jeopardized by Elsdragon's schemes.

Interactions with the Player Character Edit

A More Perfect Union Edit


DuVille will be present talking with William Silverman in his office as the player character is granted access, but will be dismissed along with Less Jameson and Kerry Vargas so that Silverman can talk with the player character privately.

During the subsequent Survivalist attack on Union City, he will cower a corner of the El Casino Ballroom and simply tell the player to help in the city's defense.

After the player has stopped the attack and spoken again to Silverman, DuVille will call the player into his office to speak privately, and task them with completing their mission to restore Union City's water and power, but to leave Kieva Nanjima alive.