This page lists all perks in Fallout: New California.

Companion Perks Edit

Name Companion Description Requirements Benefit Base ID
ALPHA Strike A L P H A Your giant robot companion is more than just a good friend, he's also a surprising powerful weapon! Recruit ALPHA Unique dialogue options to instantly kill or cripple other characters. XXAAC1E5
Lambda Lambda Johnny Matheson Johnny Matheson has blessed you. Gain +10 Guns. Recruit Johnny Matheson +10 Guns XX9A165F
Nerd-Orable Kira Mann You're a Nerd, and adorable. Gain +1 Charisma and +10 Speech. Pass a 7 Charisma check. Unique dialogue options XX9A83B1
Search and Mark B-6-RK While B-6-RK is a companion, unequipped chems, firearms, and ammunition within a short distance are highlighted when you zoom the camera. Recruit B-6-RK Chems, Firearms & Ammunition within a short distance are highlighted when you zoom in. XX0DE10B
Sweet Talker Jenn Hail Your soothing words flow like honey, you Sweet Talker, you. Gain +1 Charisma. Pass a 7 Charisma check with Jenn Hail +1 Charisma, unique dialogue options XX0CD7EB
The Way Seer Ben Kurtz You seem to know things. Gain +1 Perception. Pass a 7 Perception and 6 Charisma check with Ben Kurtz +1 Perception XX0DA2B3

Special Perks Edit

Name Found in Quest Description Requirements Benefit Base ID
Destroyer Join the War Machine Awareness of your origin, and subsequently putting it to the torch, enables special options in dialogue. Talk to Chieftain Raz O'oga about your origin Unique Dialogue options XXABE887
Bard of the Wastes Go To Bed Singing epic poems is second nature to you. Gain +10 Speech. Pass a Charisma 6 and Intelligence 7 check with Mandy Star. +10 Speech XX0CE0B6
Bearded Wonder Wasteland Defense/Counterstrike Some of Wilco's rugged practicality has rubbed off on you. Gain +1 Perception and +5 Survival. Convince Wilson Wilco to support you against Elsdragon. +1 Perception, +5 Survival XXABEA03
Born Soldier Tackle or Dodge Born to lead. Born to follow. Born Soldier. Gain +10 Guns and +2 DT. Earn John Bragg's respect. +10 Guns, +2 DT, unique dialogue options XX0CCA5D
Born Soldier II Report to Vault Security Born to kill. Gain +10 Guns and +2 DT. Join Vault Security. +10 Guns, +2 DT, unique dialogue options XX0CD425
Born Soldier III Hell to Pay Cold-blooded killer. Gain +10 Guns and +2 DT. Side with the Enclave. +10 Guns, +2 DT, unique dialogue options XX0D14E0
Electro Lover Love at the speed of light! Gain +5 Repair and Science. Unlock the Tier 3 network and pass a Charisma 6 check with Annai Oran. +5 Repair, +5 Science, unique dialogue options with Annai Oran XXA9F6D1
Escape Artist Escape Athens-Tec Mine Your clever escape from the Raiders has made you sneakier. Gain +10 Sneak. Escape from Athens-Tec Uranium Pit after Hell's Gate. +10 Sneak xxAAF5BC
Guardian of Vault 18 Save The Vault Vault Guardian. Gain +10 Guns and +2 DT. Complete Save The Vault +10 Guns, +2 DT, unique dialogue options XX0D14E2
Killer of Vault 18 Hell to Pay Bare-handed Vault-killer. Gain +10 Guns and +2 DT. Complete Hell To Pay +10 Guns, +2 DT, unique dialogue options XX0D14E1
Mutant Repellent Go To Bed For defeating the Super Mutant haunting your nightmares, you deal +10% Damage against them in combat. Kill Super Mutant in Dream World +10% damage against Super Mutants XX0DE11D
Nerd Super Star Tackle or Dodge Your scientist training provides increased insight into the skill books that you read, giving you an extra point. You're a Nerd Super Star! Choose to dodge Johnny Matheson in the intro cutscene. +1 Skill Points from Skill Books, unique dialogue options XX0CCA5B
Old Espanola Wasteland Defense/Counterstrike Your friendship with the Black Vultures enables special options in dialogue. Convince Hassan Al'Hashr to support you against Elsdragon. Unique Dialogue options XXABEDE0
Ranger Ears Ranger Vargas taught you to listen to distant conversations. Gain +1 Perception. Talk to Kerry Vargas after completing Bridge Over Eye-15. +1 Perception XXAB6ADD
Scout Master Scout Master - Fit for survival! Gain +1 Perception and +10 Survival. Ask Kevin Rossman about becoming a Wasteland Scout. Requires Skill check if Star Athlete. +1 Perception, +10 Survival, unique dialogue options XX0D02B9
Smart Jock There's a real brain under all that muscle! Gain +1 Intelligence. Pass a 6 Charisma and 7 Intelligence check with Kira Mann +1 Intelligence, unique dialogue options XX00D02B8
Snake Head Wasteland Defense/Counterstrike As a child of the Mother Serpent, you are granted +10 Melee Weapons, but -1 Intelligence. Convince Sylvia Semi to support you against Elsdragon. +10 Melee Weapons, -1 Intelligence, unique Dialogue options XXABEA01
Spider Man Wasteland Defense/Counterstrike You're quite the Psycho! Gain +5% Attack Speed. Convince Tom Farley to support you against Elsdragon. +5% Attack Speed XXABEA02
Spirit Walker A More Perfect Union/

Join the War Machine

Your reunion with your clan has boosted your confidence and insight. Gain +10 Perception and Endurance. Learn your history from Raz O'oga. +10 Endurance, +10 Perception XXAB68C3
Star Athlete Tackle or Dodge As a Star Athlete on the Path of the Warrior, you have a born ability with weapons, dealing +10% Damage with all weapons. Choose to tackle Johnny Matheson in the intro cutscene. +10% damage with all weapons, unique dialogue options XX0CCA5C
The Bishop A More Perfect Union Your dealings with the mob have made you a cunning, if not shrewd, businessman. Gain +10 Barter and Guns. Agree to help Paul DuVille. +10 Barter, +10 Guns XXAB68C4
The Revanchist A More Perfect Union/Join the War Machine Your private war to prevent a war has given you special insight. Gain +1 Perception and +10 Speech. Speak to Kieva Nanjima about overthrowing Elsdragon. +1 Perception, +10 Speech unique dialogue options XXAAF5BB
Vault Politician Off To See The Wizard Expert Bullshitter! Gain +10 Speech. Talk to Overseer Christianson. +10 Speech, unique dialogue options XX0DA2B2
Vault Politician II Wicked meddler. Gain +5 Barter and Speech. +5 Barter, +5 Speech XXAAF5BA
Vault Tech 1 Fix The Old Computer Technology is clay, and you the sculptor. gain +5 Repair and Science. Unlock the Tier 3 Network. +5 Repair, +5 Science XXA9F6CF
Vault Tech 2 Fix The Old Computer Technology messiah. Gain +5 Repair and Science. Unlock the Tier 4 Network. +5 Repair, +5 Science XXA9F6D0
Vault Viking Wasteland Defense/Counterstrike For hearing the tale of a weary Jarl,  gain special options in dialogue. Convince Coriolis to support you against Elsdragon. Unique dialogue options XXABEA00
Wasteland Barrister The Brew That Is True You wrestled with a fusion powered coffee machine ... and won! Repair Coffee Machine in  the Upper Apartments Wasteland Coffee recipe XXAD3C7B
Wasteland Wolverine Destroy Fort Daggerpoint Knowledge of your secret origin enables special options in dialogue. Learn the truth of your secret origin. Unique dialogue options XXACB8C1

Quest Perks Edit

Ending Perks Edit

Name Ending
Enclave Agent The Enclave
Mob Fixer The Mob
NCR Agent The NCR
RAIDERS! The Raiders
Shi Rebel The Shi
Super Mutant Meat Machine The Super Mutants
Wild Card Empty Earth