Put A Ring On It
Put A Ring On It
location Vault 18
given by Eric or Jamie Campbell
reward Eric and Jamie Campbell's Relationship is Strengthened or Die
leads to
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Put A Ring On It is a Prologue Quest on the Path of the Warrior in Fallout: New California.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Discover Jamie and Eric’s relationship.
Keep Eric and Jamie together or break them up.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The results of this quest will greatly affect the fates of Jamie Campbell and Eric Campbell. The quest is activated by talking to Eric and asking him about the rumours between him and Jamie. This will activate the quest where you have the option of either strengthening their relationship or breaking them up. You need a speech skill of 30 to do either though.

You can strengthen their relationship by asking Eric about it and using a level 30 speech check after saying "You both have probably been through hard times. All of us have.". Eric will be happy that you support their relationship and the quest will end

There are two ways to break up their relationship; by talking to either Jamie or Eric and convincing them to be in a relationship with you, the player. Convincing Jamie is easier because you can do it as either a male or female, however you need higher skills to do so. You need to pass the level 6 charisma check, and then the level 50 speech check, saying that Jamie shouldn't be with Eric but you instead. You can only convince Eric to leave Jamie if you are female, after the same speech option with Eric as before. Instead of choosing the level 30 speech option, choose "You both have probably been through hard times. All of us have.", you will then have another level 30 speech option that will break up Jamie and Eric.

Either option should complete the quest, however convincing Jamie to break up with Eric will not complete the quest. This doesn't really matter, however, because there is no reward for the quest and the choices will still affect future events. It is also worth noting that if you break up Jamie and Eric, they will die after the quest Go to bed, and not be available as companions.