Radian-Helix Media Studio is a pre-war media production company that has been converted into a "Fortress of Solitude" by the eccentric Brotherhood of Steel outcast known as Marius.

Background Edit

Before the Great War, Radian-Helix Media was a local media production company, based out of a studio containing a large greenscreen and film equipment. The studio was left abandoned after the Great War, only relevant for its proximity to the fields of GMO corn grown on the outskirts of Union City. At some point in the mid-2200's it was appropriated by Marius, an ex-member of the Brotherhood of Steel, who converted the structure into his home and "secret lair" laboratory.

Layout Edit

Radian-Helix Media Studio is a large, hangar-like structure surrounded by a broken chainlink fence, adjacent to a completely destroyed pre-war house. The compound is located almost in the direct center of the extensive maize fields to the North of Union City proper. The hangar is home to a large greenscreen, with a central office hosting the projection equipment on its balcony; this has been turned into a bedroom loft by Marius. In the office is a large hatch that leads down to Marius' underground workshop and lab.

Trivia Edit

  • According to General Silverman, Marius is capable of cloaking his home with a stealth field similar to that of a Stealth-Boy. This effect cannot be observed by the player, however.