Wait, We Have Robots?
Wait, We Have Robots?
location Vault 18
given by Kevin Rossman
reward B-6-RK and A L P H A as Companions
leads to A Roboto Mori and Domo Arigato
baseid xx0cca60

Wait, We Have Robots? is a Prologue Quest on the Path of the Scientist in Fallout: New California.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

Check out the Robotics Lab.
Repair A L P H A and b6RK.
Leave the Robotics Lab.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

After starting the quest Fix The Old Computer, talk to Dr. Rossman and ask about other things to do. He will give you the keys to the robotics lab. You will need to use the elevator to get there. Once there you will see a lot of damaged robots. You can repair two of them, B-6-RK and A L P H A.

In order to complete the quest you will have to repair both robots, activating the quests Domo Arigato for B-6-RK and A Roboto Mori for A L P H A. You will not have to completely finish these quests, but you will have to complete all objectives until the ones that tell you to come back tomorrow (you will need 50 science to repair B-6-RK and 75 science to repair A L P H A).

When you have completed the objectives in the two quests, "Wait, We Have Robots?" will end when you exit the robotics lab.