William Silverman
race Human, Caucasian
sex Male
role General, New California Republic Army
location Union City
quests A More Perfect Union, Journey to the Deep, Wasteland Defense, Destroy Fort Daggerpoint
karma Neutral
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voice actor Bill Crouch
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General William "Bill" Silverman is the acting commander of NCR forces stationed in the Cajon Pass in 2260.

History Edit

Born in Union City, Silverman lived under the rule of the Survivalists, growing to hate them even more after they killed his wife. Since then, he has advanced in the ranks of the New California Republic's army, going from a mere colonel to full on general in a span of 20 years. He also is familiar with Kevin Rossman, specifically his actions regarding Nova Star, of which Rossman and all associated with him are considered criminals, having committed treason to the NCR.

Interaction with the Player Character Edit