Wilson Wilco
Wilson Wilco
race Human, Caucasian
sex Male
role Old Guard Warlord
location Big Bear Warf, Athens-Tec Uranium Pit
quests Cards Under the Table/The Revanchist quest
karma Neutral
special 6 ST, 5 PE, 4 EN, 3 CH, 3 IN, 7 IN, 5 LK
derived stats Hit Points: 90→210
tag skills
Energy Weap.:48→100
Melee Weap.:50→100
perks Bearded Wonder
level 6→30 (PC level x 1.0)
voice actor Ian Baxter-Stewart
baseid xxAAD9F9
refid {{{refid}}}
Wilson Wilco is a NPC in the mod Fallout: New California, warlord of Old Guard Survivalists Faction in Raider Alliance.

Interactions with the Player Character Edit

If you killed Captain Jackson or avoided being captured by his group during the quest A Night In Pinehaven, you will meet Wilson Wilco at the head of the Survivalists raiders group when moving towards the Athens-Tec from a fork in the forest. Successful capture will start the quest Hell's Gate.

Cards Under the Table Edit

Star Player will meet Wilco Wilson near the exit from the mine in the Athens-Tec Uranium Pit when Hell's Gate over. If in the prologue The Way Seer perk was received, the player can pay attention to Wilco's unnatural behavior during the previous meeting. Also Ben Kurtz can point this out in a conversation if you talk to him before speak to Wilson and ask Ben for advice on what to do next. In this case, Wilson Wilco will ask you to speak more quietly and take you to a quiet place to talk without extra ears. If you blame Wilco Wilson in cooperation with NCR without Ben’s hint or perk, it will infuriate him and make him hostile, which will lead to fail of the quest Cards Under the Table and start another quest for side switching - Escape Athens-Tec Mine. Wilco Wilson will propose an escape plan: sell your companions to slave trader Beuford Duffney, turn off collars with help from Casio Aralias, and after flying with Johnathan Noss, escape and go to the NCR side. Then later release companions from the slave barracks on the ranch.

The Revanchist quest Edit

Wilco Wilson is one of the warlords of the Raider Alliance, whose help Kieva Nanjima needs to seize power and remove Elsdragon from the leadership. If you convince Wilco to join the plot, Bearded Wonder will be obtained.