Yetti Hail
Yetti Hale
race Human, Caucasian
sex Male
role Wasteland Scout (formerly)
Vault resident
location Vault 18
quests How Do I Gurl?
karma Neutral
special 5 ST, 5 PE, 5 EN, 2 CH, 5 IN, 5 IN, 5 LK
derived stats Hit Points: 70
tag skills
Melee Weap.:33
level 1
voice actor Steven Cates
baseid xx0cd42c
refid xx0cd43e

Yetti Hail is "retired" Wasteland Scout in Vault 18.

Background Edit

A gargantuan, terrifying man with a deep voice, Yetti Hail is rightfully feared by many of the vault's inhabitants. A member of the Wasteland Scouts, despite his outwardly jovial and kind appearance, the man is a highly-skilled warrior whom has killed countless raiders and other enemies of Vault 18. Despite this, he deeply cares for the vault's residents and his family, despite his odd demeanor. He is close friends with his fellow Wasteland Scouts Kevin Rossman, Dale Norman, and Paul Evanson, and was devastated by the death of Miyaki Kyoto. He also maintained close ties to his mother, Jil Hale, who lived at the Pinehaven Summit House as a forward scout.

Yetti is one of the few vault residents to have children in 2260, siring three children with his wife Kathrin: Jenifer, Jimmi, and Kimmi. He is oddly, some might say disturbingly, open to his daughter's sex life, actively encouraging both her male and female friends to "do their procreational duty" with her.

Interactions with the Player Character Edit

Prologue Edit

Path of the Warrior Edit

Yetti will only be encountered by an Athlete Star Player, if they have taken up Jenn Hail's offer to meet her at her apartment. He will confront the player as they open the family's apartment door, intently wishing to know their intentions with his daughter and strongly encouraging the two to "procreate." After the initial conversation his will sit on his couch and only offer basic greeting dialogue.

Go to Bed Edit

During the initial Patriot revolution, the Hail family, much like their Star neighbors, were directly under the sabotaged transformers, and their apartment was nearly destroyed by the triggered collapse. Kathrin, Jimmy, and Kimmy were immediately killed by rubble and Jenifer knocked unconscious. Distraught at the apparent deaths of his entire family, Yetti made his way through the vault's exhaust tunnels to the surface, leaving the way open for Kira Mann.